Bonding and Tooth Reshaping
Bonding and Tooth Reshaping

See For Yourself the Beautiful Results of Direct Bonding
Actual Patients Treated by Chadds Ford Family Dentistry

Direct bonding is the chemical adhesion of a tooth colored resin to tooth structure. It is conservative of tooth structure and an excellent choice when healthy teeth require reshaping as in this patient. The patient featured here required no local anesthesia. The patient left one hour later with a new smile!

It is 10 AM Monday morning and already the week is off to a bad start. The phone is ringing off the hook, your co-worker called in sick, you need a file from the cabinet and the drawer is stuck. In frustration you tug that drawer with all your might and wammo the drawer gives way and smacks you square in the face. A quick glance in the mirror and your worst nightmare… a broken front tooth.

Twenty minutes later you are sitting in the dental chair sure that your front tooth is history. So many things are racing through your mind. How will the tooth be replaced and when??? The dentist enters with the good news. Even though half of the front tooth is broken off it can be fixed immediately. An hour later you return to work with your smile intact. You can’t even tell the tooth was ever broken.

This is exactly what occurred to Chadds Ford Family Dentistry’s patient. See for yourself the beautiful results from direct bonding.