Cleanings and Treatment of Gum Disease
Cleanings and Treatment of Gum Disease

Regular professional exams and cleanings are essential to your oral health and overall health and well-being. At your cleaning appointment we remove the plaque and calculus that has formed on teeth and gums. We also evaluate the gums and the bone which supports the teeth for the more advanced form of gum disease, periodontitis.

Periodontal disease is often identified by red, swollen, bleeding gums, but in its earliest stages the patient may not notice any signs and symptoms. What differentiates periodontal disease from the reversible inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis is loss of bone.

The initial treatment for periodontal disease is a deep cleaning as well as elimination of the niches where plaque and bacteria can hide such as defective dental work and anatomic irregularities in the teeth. Within the plaque resides a multitude of harmful bacteria which are initiators of the pathologic process. Periodontal disease is an infection. In addition to removing the environment where bacteria live we employ a variety of antimicrobial agents.

Whether we are providing a basic cleaning or treating a more advanced periodontal disease patient comfort is a priority. We have a variety of modalities to make your dental experience pleasant.