Comprehensive Dental Services
Comprehensive Dental Services

Advanced Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

With more than 25 years’ experience, advanced dental training, and a strong background in art, Chadds Ford Family Dentistry is uniquely qualified to address the more complex cases and achieve not just a beautiful, but long-lasting result.

Chadds Ford Family Dentistry begins with a comprehensive exam that includes a physical exam of the mouth as well as the head and neck, using state of the art technology. It is extremely important that the dental bite be co-ordinated with movement of the face and neck muscles as well as optimal function of the jaw joint. When this harmony is not present, the result can be poor chewing ability, broken teeth, dental pain, loosening of teeth, excessive tooth wear, recession, cramping of the face muscles, neck pain, and TMJ. Both Doctor and patient “discover” the problem areas together. We discuss the goals of you, our patient and partner in your care, and prepare an individualized plan to not only treat the problems, but prevent future breakdown.

“High skill level, experience and depth of knowledge. Staff are great.”
Adrian R.

“There is no better practicing dentist than Dr. Giacalone.”
David Y.

“Chadds Ford Family Dentistry always takes time with me , to answer any questions I may have. If I need specific work, she explains not only the what is needed, but the why it is needed.”
Joann B.