Fixed Bridges
Fixed Bridges

Fake or Fabulous?

Fake or Fabulous?

“ I was very apprehensive about having six new crowns placed on my upper front teeth. However, since the look of the existing crowns made me extremely self-conscious I decided to have Chadds Ford Family Dentistry replace them. I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome! She did an amazing job not only with the permanent crowns but also with the temporaries. It’s great to be able to smile confidently again. I am so grateful for the beautiful work Chadds Ford Family Dentistry did.”
Elizabeth M.

We never want our patients to live with missing teeth, which is why we offer a wide variety of tooth replacement options. One available option is the fixed bridge, a non-removable appliance. In addition to replacing missing teeth, fixed bridges can:

  • Enhance the natural beauty of a smile
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting
  • Restore the function of the bite
  • Help retain the natural shape of the face
  • Replace an unwanted, removable partial denture

By using two crowns placed over the teeth adjacent to the gap, we will anchor an artificial tooth (“pontic”) in the missing tooth space. This creates a literal tooth bridge. When in place, your custom, aesthetically-pleasing fixed bridge will look and function like a natural tooth.

If you are missing teeth, please call or visit our office today. Together, we can replace your teeth and provide you with a beautiful, healthy, and functional smile for life.